money is a tool, a trading card of sorts, a marker of the value of our time… we get paid to give time and labor to someone at a job. We take our income, the marker of that exchanged time, and invest it into things that we value. Jesus talked about money more than most topics, and we learn from Him that many shifts in our life begin with money. It’s often hard-earned and close to our heart. As we follow Christ, there’s much to ponder and hard questions to be asked about all of our investments… our money, our free time, our affections and curiosities, our relationships, our talents.

As a family, Hope has been asking those hard questions church-wide and challenging old church norms. We’re always working to increase transparency and accountability, making goals to increase our outward giving that impacts lives for eternity, working toward those goals by constantly slimming our other inward costs that are “overhead,” studying to become shrewd and generous servants in the way we spend any funds, and praying all the while God will multiply the fruit of these choices. Many of you are doing this in your own homes and we dare you to talk about your triumphs and struggles with others at Hope. Lead the way and open up. Often the most uncomfortable questions lead to the greatest change.